Please find below of few collaboration cases we have done in FMCG and beyond. Get inspired! Let's sit down, surely there is something great we can come up with together!



Fazer Domino

Hyperlocal, engaging consumers, and celebrating the most excellent spots in Finland.

BACKGROUND: Fazer Domino cookies, a Finnish brand icon, wanted to engage its vast fan base by having them share pictures of the most excellent locations in Finland and by publishing the best ones on the cookie boxes, thus linking digital activation & co-creation with the physical product. 

HOW IT WAS DONE: Consumers created more than 14,000 virtual Domino packages on the campaign website where they uploaded stories and pictures. More than 1,300 different consumer pictures and stories were selected and published on the Domino cookie packages. Next, a total of 70,000 of these personalized packages filled the store shelves. The packaging also turned into individual lottery tickets that consumers were able to activate. Also, the customer journey was tracked with Package Media's digital back-end. 

ACHIEVEMENTS: All the packages were unique, but produced in mass-scale! Consumers were able to share their digital content in the real world, and shopping became a communal experience resulting in significant revenue growth for the brand—a real omnichannel, Digital-Physical-Digital experience, one that was highly relevant to Domino's target audience. The campaign won ScanStar 2020, the Nordic Packaging Industry's prize for the best new concept.


Nammo Lapua

BACKGROUND: Lapua focuses on premium quality small-caliber ammunition for target shooters, hunters, and law enforcement authorities. With distributors in nearly 40 countries and customers worldwide, Lapua wanted to increase consumer engagement by building a community: the Lapua Club.

HOW IT WAS DONE: We manage a community platform for marksmen and hunters to share pictures and stories about successes out on the range or while hunting. Each purchased box of ammunition holds the key to the club. This key is a currency at the club, giving members access to club specific rewards and benefits. Package Media's digital backend links the club, its members, and each box of ammunition, a great source of insight into consumer buying behavior, and much more. At the same time, the club drives sales and acts as a direct insights channel into consumers.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Currently, tens of thousands of Lapua fans, in more than 60 countries, are members of the club, and hundreds join every month. Ammunition boxes exceeding three times the number of members have been registered, giving Lapua unprecedented access to data on how & where their products are being used. With the club "currency," Lapua has further built on the brand's exclusive image and strengthened its appeal.



F-Secure, the global cybersecurity company, wanted to have total control over each software license sold, regardless of channel. As a solution, we attached unique license codes to the physical retail boxes. Now, F-Secure can manage the online activation/download codes, and every single physical box with ease. Statuses can be followed amongst other things, meaning there is no chance for counterfeiting. F-Secure also gained a gateway from physical to digital with the boxes' unique codes, making the consumer journey seamless, and sign-ups to extended or new services intuitive and easy.




In Finland, porridge is an integral part of every morning, and Elovena wanted to tap into this emotion. The idea was to get Elovena porridge fans to share their small life hacks or sentiments like ' Everything will be all right' or ' a big boy collects his toys himself after playing'. Ideas were shared on Twitter, printed on the porridge packaging, and everything was shared again. An excellent campaign for sharing a friendly word or two, online & on the pack.



Kouvolan Lakritsi

Together with liquorice manufacturer Kouvolan Lakritsi, Package Media created a solution where school classes, corporations, or sports teams could design their own boxes of liquorice, and if needed, use these personalized packs for making a bit of money. Package Media was more than happy to indirectly help quite a few kids go on interesting field trips, get new gear for sports teams, and so much more.


Over the years, Package Media has, of course, done so much more. Packaging with unique links to competitions, warranty extensions, and may other digital services. Get in touch, and we'll tell you more.