Facing the Consumer, a view point

  • 23.09.2020

Super market shelves are more crowded than ever before, new entrants take the fight to established brands every single day. Being relevant in the eyes of the consumer, on the shelf, has never been more important, and packaging has a key role to play here. Everything is about consumer engagement, both in the physical, and digital world, and this means linking the consumer facing occasion in the super market with brand relevant digital services.

Linking the physical and digital world is at the core of what Package Media is all about, and mosty importantly, we can support clients end-to-end. In many cases when linking physical packaging with digital services, completly new challenges surface. It might be rather easy to do a new design update, exceedingly difficult to develop brand relevant digital services or communities, and almost impossible to get the standard supply chain to manage all these new designs, formats and channels. We can help, from concepting to full logistics support for special editions, and the like. 

However, as with so many new business models, particularly ones that are technology driven, every brand has to think extra hard about its value proposition before setting out on the tech journey. There needs to be a crystal clear answer to the question: WHY US? When the WHY US is clear, everything else follows. If you need a sparring partner for your value proposition, you can count on us for un-biased and knowledgeable support.

Is this something you are grappling with?

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