• 21.09.2020

Sixty seven, that's the number of countries where you can find Lapua Club members. With memberships in the tens of thousands, the club that Lapua developed together with Package Media has been a success when asking Lapua staff, and most importantly consumers throughout the world. 

Born global

From the get go the idea was to make packaging digital, and to link every box to the club. Every box of ammunition has an individual, unique code that opens up the club with its exclusive offerings. In the club every box is a currency, and the most active members get the most. 

The actual development work was characterised by an iterative and testing approach, and the solution started growing almost organically. "We developed a certain functionality, checked the response, refined the solution, and then onto the next topic", this was the way of working according to Nammo Lapua's Sales & Marketing Manager Erkki Seikkula, who has been part of the development work from day one.

The club and the digital packages were developed for global markets from the start, no small feat. The collaboration between Lapua and Package Media has made it possible though, and the solution is operational in all Lapua markets.

Direct link & dialogue

According to Seikkula, the best thing about the smart digital packages is the direct link to consumers they have opened. In the club Lapua has a direct dialogues with consumers, without any middle-men.

This direct connection is so valuable, it gives direct unfiltered feedback, and also opens up whole new areas of communication, one-on-one's with individual consumers, something unheard of earlier.

One might think that digital communities and the traditional metals industry would not be a match made in heaven, but the consumer response has been both open and very supportive. Of course we have some consumers that are one-time visitors in the club, but we also have true fans that have registered hundreds of pack codes. Summing up, Erkki Seikkula notes that digitalisation is certainly something for the industry, and says "just jump in, huge opportunites await".